‘Not a toddler, not yet a school kid,’ this in between stage is a bit like the pre-schoolers version of the Britney Spears hit. By now, they'll likely have learnt elements of co-operation, self-expression and will be able to concentrate on tasks for a lot longer as well. Tricky when it comes to buying them a gift... that's why we've picked out some ideas for you. Enjoy...

Get School Ready

For these inbetweeners, school on the horizon is a massive change. Seize this exciting change as the ideal time to gift some items to ease them into the new venture. If it’s a big item you are looking for, preschoolers love nothing more than a scooting commute. We love the Globber Elite Lights Fold Up Scooter. Just add bike accessories, for a fully protected ride.

A proper school bag is another practical gift option. This eco-friendly Engel Zipper Backpack,is made from recycled juice bottles 😲. What better way to teach them about being kind to the environment, than with their own sustainable bag. The Babymel Kids’ Junior Backpack is another awesome, age-appropriate bag, with heaps of room to carry lunch and a change of clothes.

For those first precious school-made pieces of artwork, The Articulate Gallery Single Frame is a perfect gift for creating an ever-changing gallery at home. It helps them see a worth in their creations too, as you hang them for all to see.

Making and Doing

When it comes to play time, they're now able to hold concentration for longer, so sitting down to arts and crafts is more appealing by this age. The Makedo Cardboard Construction Kit is great for getting creative juices flowing, with endless possibilities for creating objects from cardboard. Once projects are complete; they can be dismantled and the kit can be used again and again, an ideal scenario for imaginative kids.

Another gift idea for art lovers is the Doddle World Map Table Cloth, which is big enough for two kids to colour in and teaches them about the world while they're getting crafty.

Looking to spend a bit more and know your preschooler loves to sit down to draw or paint? The Janod Splash 2-in-1 Convertible Desk and Easel is a sensible yet stylish furniture set, ideal to put into a play room or bedroom. We love that the lid flips up to be a chalkboard and that it comes with a paper roll, for drawing which can go on and on and on…

Nursery Refresh

Now is the perfect time for a nursery refresh, stripping out any remaining baby items for preschooler approved décor, so why not gift a gorgeous decorative item for their evolving space.

Wall art or decals make for great, temporary additions to bedrooms. By a print that can be popped into a magnetic frame, for a quick yet effective gallery look. Or perhaps gift a wall sticker.

Role Play

With imaginations that run wild whenever they are given an opportunity to play, at this age, pre-schoolers really make the most out of pretend play toys.
The Sebra Kitchen is the ultimate gift for budding chefs to cook up a storm. What’s better is it looks really cool, so you aren’t going to mind in taking up that spare-bit-of wall or that little nook or cranny, wherever that may be.

Got a little actor on your hands? Why not gift some new dress-up gear, to extend their acting repertoire. How about a magical Meri Meri Unicorn Dress Up Kit or a swooshing Tell Tails Tabby Cat Tail to get them in the animal mood.

And there it is. A gift guide to give you a helping hand. Article hit the spot? Good news. There’s more. We’ve put together gift finders for newborns, babies, toddlers, little gifts and those big gifts too. Enjoy...